Our Band

997091_10205248553192171_5902831056245552559_nDaryl Shaun Price


He is a single father of four amazing children! Music is his passion and joy. Daryl has been performing as a a singer/songwriter for years. He has written more than 40 songs and performed all of them. He currently is the lead for Unraveled, an Alternative, Progressive Folk band with a Celtic twist. When not performing in a group he creates and performs his solo work and operates an entrepreneur focused business, Divine Wisdom Media Network (www.divinewisdommedia).  Music is the language of the soul and he hopes to speak to the hearts of the world through his songs.


Jelene WilkinsonJelene Wilkinson


Widowed mother of four amazing children, Jelene is the soprano vocalist of the group.  She adds her percussion skills to the sound as well.  She also performs as the only female vocalist Tortured Soul, a Metal/Rock band based in Utah as well. “Singing fuels my soul,” she expresses. She is also owner of Utah’s Best Karaoke bringing opportunities for everyone in Utah to sing their hearts out!  She is also the Podcast Director for Divine Wisdom Media Network.




Rachel Thomwyldfireas


Single mother of two amazing boys, Rachel has earned a Bachelor’s in vocal performance.  Music has been a passion and priority for Rachel beginning at a young age.  She also works as the Sales Director for The LIST Magazine and Entrepreneur Community Project in Utah.  Her passion for life shows in all she does and is very infectious.  She also performs backup vocals from some of Daryl’s solo work and performs with him as duo.  Sharing her voice, she hopes to bless and enrich others’ lives.



Kirk MechaKirk2m

Bass/Baritone, Ukulele

Kirk Mecham has been a singer and performer in many genres throughout his career.  His deep, clean bass sound complements our performances perfectly.  He is also co-founder of FOG, Fat Old Guys, who perform Classic Rock music with a comical twist. He sang with the popular a capella group Eclipse6 from 2000 – 2007 and performed with them in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2002 Utah Winter Olympics.  He was also was assistant director of the Utah State University vocal jazz ensemble in the 1990’s.  His acting debut was on an episode of  Touched by an Angel in 1999.  He also sang back up for Barry Manilow in 2002. He spent most of his summers from 1989 – 2004 playing Bad Bart in the Wahoo Revue at the Festival of the American West in Logan, Utah.


ValinaValina Eckley

Celtic Flute

Valina Eckley learned to play Celtic flute while living in Japan for 8 years and was hired during the middle of a gig where Unraveled attended.